Strategies from The Carbon Efficient City


  • Stategy #2 - Develop enabling economic and technical frameworks

    Create frameworks and interfaces that enable efficient economic transactions and that increase transparency about CO2 emissions. Strive for a balance between specific frameworks (for ease of adoption) and performance based metrics that create room for innovation.

  • Strategy #5 - Reuse, restore, retrofit and build quality buildings

    Create a re-use and restoration culture by focusing on designing for enduring quality and flexibility. Establish practical exchanges and quickly fix aspects of the regulatory environment that discourage re-use.

  • Strategy #6 - Include spaces for nature

    Recognize the value inherent in public green space both as a carbon sink and as a critical means for making the built environment inviting to individuals and useable by families. Structure developments and neighborhoods with accessible outdoor recreational space and foster adequate access to wilderness parks.

  • Strategy #10 - Delight through innovation

    Set the stage for innovation. Don't constrain solutions; be prepared to face the glorious complexity of the problem and to be surprised by both elegant and patchwork solutions that emerge. Take risk and be confident that the breakthroughs we need will be the ones that inspire profound and widespread delight.